The Business Times Company is the proud parent of three outstanding local magazines and a digital division. Through these endeavors, we inform, entertain and help businesses succeed.


COMO Magazine

Immerse yourself in Columbia culture with business, living, food, weddings, homes, community and fashion.

Columbia Marketing Group Logo -

The Business Times Company is proud to offer a full range of digital marketing, web, and multimedia services via its digital division, Columbia Marketing Group.

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The Business Times Company’s ticketing platform for all events in Mid Missouri. Visit MidMoTix today to buy tickets to exciting upcoming Mid Missouri events.

About Us

Why do we exist?

The Business Times Company exists to cultivate community.

How do we behave?

We are a team that motivates and trusts each other. We work each day with passion and joy. We are never finished – we always break new ground and raise the bar.

What do we do?

We create the best damn content in town. We provide services to help businesses thrive.

How will we succeed?

We will remain invested in the community and our company, we will hire and retain the right people and we will always push boundaries.

Meet the President

Meet Erica Pefferman, President of the Business Times Company. Erica likes ideas. Erica likes people. Most of all, she’s passionate about putting the right people and ideas together to make the right things happen. She’s invested in helping Columbia businesses thrive and instills that vision every day with The Business Times Co. team.


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